Hand-crafted Food:

Our items are made by professional chefs from high-quality ingredients. We cook and serve our food with passion!


We sincerely believe that we all eat with our eyes first! We look at each plate and each piece of food as food art, or a culinary palate - something that must look as beautiful as it is delicious – You eat with your eyes first!

Locally Produced, High-Quality Ingredients:

We source the most wonderful and highest quality ingredients for each menu we prepare. That demand for quality shines through everything we produce – only the best.

Personal touch:

Our chefs, staff and planners take great personal pride in making your event run perfectly. This starts with a custom menu to match your event and carries through to every large and small detail, allowing you to just focus on enjoying your party and guests.

Catering, there's only one thing we take greater pride in than our delicious food, and that's the staff we have to serve it. We understand mouthwaterin' tex-mex just half of what makes your event a spectacular success. The other half is the friendly service and warm Texas hospitality we bring to the party. We're passionate about making you look great and ensuring your Guests enjoy themselves. Give us a call and let us serve you!