Frequently Asked questions

Yes, we will clean up our mess and leave any prep areas as we found them. If your venue requires caterers to do full clean-up of the venue, additional fees will apply. .


How long will you be at my event?

We account for 3 hours which is broken up into 1.5 hours serving time and 1.5 hours for clean-up. We will arrive 1 - 1.5 hours before food service depending on menu selection. Additional fees apply for food service during a cocktail hour in addition to the dinner and more extensive clean-up if required by venue. If you would like us to arrive early, there is an additional fee as well.


Is there a distance fee?

Not for anything within 30 miles. Events further than 30 miles may be subject to a distance and travel time fee to be determined on a case by case basis.


Can I have DFW TEX MEX Catering Mexican Martinis & Margaritas?

Yes! We can cater your bar as well, check out our off-site catering menu for bar packages.


What is included with the menus?

Buffet service staff, buffet tables and linens, buffet serving dishes and utensils.


Is there a minimum spending amount for Off-site catering?

We do implement a $500 minimum for full-service off-site catering but also offer drop-off/set-up catering for smaller groups.


Is there a deposit?

Yes, we require a small deposit for all off-site catering events.